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I was born on the 22nd April 2009 in Ipswich, and was part of a litter of 9 puppies consisting of 8 boys and 1 girl. My original name was Darnell.

My mum Lexi is a German Shepherd, and my dad Kosi is a Utonagan.

My (human) mum and dad, Katie and David, found me for sale on a notice board in Pets @ Home, they fell in love with me from the picture (look at me, who wouldn't love me!). They phoned up my foster parents Nik and Lee to arrange to visit me. I was one of only 3 dogs left for sale.

After the visit they couldn't resist my charms and good looks ( I did the whole roll on my back, rub my tummy thing) so they arranged to take me to my new home on the 23rd July 2009, and renamed me to Dexter.

Being a puppy, they subjected me to some awful injections that are apparently good for me, then attached some sort of homing device so that I can be retuned to them should I get lost, then I was ready to meet the outside world!

I enrolled on some puppy training courses in September 2009 with the GSD Club of Suffolk, where I was taught to be obedient, but I don't like to make things easy, I completed the course, and got a certificate in November 2009.

After being certified as a trained puppy (sort of) my mum and dad continued to take me to the next level of classes, I didn't mind too much, got to socialise with other dogs and got lots of treats! I was still not very good off the lead, I like to run around and meet people rather than doing as I'm told. I'm a lot better at this now, I love to run around Rendlesham forest and meet new play mates, and go for a swim in the muddiest puddles I can find.

I had my first experience of snow in January 2010, a lot of people kept talking about me pulling a sled? don't know what all that is about, sounds like too much hard work for me. Anyway, snow is excellent, I love to play around in it ...... but not for too long as my paws always get too frozen.

In June 2010 I went for my first holiday, we stayed in a caravan in Romney Sands. What a tiring week, they wouldn't just let me sleep! I was walked on the beach, I got to dig big holes, going swimming in the sea, and lots and lots of sight seeing! It was exciting, but I was glad to go home for a rest.

In August I went to the Suffolk Dog Day, it was a brilliant day out, lots of people to meet, lots of treats for me! My mum and dad were a little wary about letting me off the lead, but they did enter me in the gun dog scurry run competition, I didn't want to let them down so I did the best I could, and ended up winning first place! I wore my rosette with pride!

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